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Are Cannabis Products Overrated or Underrated? (Facts Explained)

The marijuana industry that once lived under the shadows of stigmatization has now managed to gain medical claims for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. All one needs to do is get a medical marijuana card in Ontario CA  and avail of high-quality products to alleviate the symptoms of a medical condition. What’s more interesting is that these medical claims allow people to look at cannabis as a natural alternative. Whether true or not; the internet is filled with articles explaining the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Moreover, we also have studies published in various journals suggesting cannabis use for conditions such as pain and severe forms of epilepsy.  

There are all sorts of claims and new research emerging to show how medical cannabis can help alleviate the symptoms of certain medical conditions. In fact, experts believe that cannabis could help deduce the increased use of opioids. Also, the case of Charlotte Figi is the biggest example showcasing the medical power of cannabis. But at the end of the day. the majority of the US population appears to support cannabis and its therapeutic potential. The only question remains whether or not cannabis can become the future of the medicine world. It’s too early to say yes or no because we still do not have concrete proof. So, we have to ask ourselves: What is the deal with medical cannabis? Do we have products that can actually treat medical conditions or everything is just a part of overrated cannabis culture? Read on to find out. 

Do Cannabis Products Deliver What Is Promised?

The cannabis industry floods the market with all types of cannabis. While craft cannabis is the new kid in the block; naturally cultivated strains are bred to cater to specific requirements. Surprisingly, the cannabis market spends a lot of time marketing these products and ensuring that cannabis can help them lead a good life. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabis can actually improve the quality of life. That’s why most people use cannabis to relax, stay stress-free, and for good night sleep. For the same purposes, cultivators engineer strains and marketing strategies promise that these products will work effectively. The desired effects are ideally classified under two categories of the cannabis plant- Sativa and Indica. Sativa strains uplift your spirits and put you in a chatty mood while Indica strains are known for providing an ultra-chill effect on the mind and body. 

Is This Real? 

According to a study conducted by the University of British Columbia; the above-mentioned facts are overrated and may not be true. The study was published in 2018 and suggests that regardless of the type and name all cannabis products are basically the same. Surprisingly, strains that are categorized into THC and CBD have little to do with the ratio each product contains. Simply put, products displaying THC: CBD ratio have nothing to do with the effect of the strain. More vitally; the study went on to say that the classification (Indica and Sativa) does not justify how much THC it each strain contains. Indica strains have as much THC as the Sativa breed. 

The authors of the study also revealed that classification on the basis of THC content is not a strong factor. This means that whatever we read until now or learned is not accurate and in-depth knowledge is required. Also, the cannabis plant does not have distinguished characteristics – THC for the high and CBD to balance everything while inducing therapeutic effects inside our body. 

The reason behind everything according to the authors of the study is that the cannabis plant is made of 100 other cannabinoids. They are understudied so we might be actually ignoring the credit they deserve. The study further reveals that unsung cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN might be actually responsible for a lot of effects, but the cannabis industry does not talk about the therapeutic effects of these cannabinoids. 

What’s More?

Legal cannabis procedures as a mandatory legal guideline label each product. The law only requires them to display THC and CBD content. Whereas the truth is that the entire product contains several other cannabinoids. Ideally, the budtender or the cultivator producing and selling cannabis products does not have an adept scientific understanding of the plant. So, they can only teach the customer what they know. This leads to the spread of half-truth. It is almost as though the industry claims a lot of things without having proper and in-depth knowledge about it. Although not all budtenders or cultivators have impartial knowledge. Some cannabis lovers read and study the plant in detail and are well aware of the nuances of the cannabinoids. And that’s actually true because cannabis has great potential and people in the cannabis business take everything seriously. 

What We Understand About Cannabis so Far

From the above-stated study and arguments; it is safe to say that cannabis is an understudied plant and more research is required to suggest cannabis for medical use. So far, we know that cannabis is a potential treatment option for a variety of medical conditions. That’s why each state has a list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use. In fact, the list varies across states in the US. Also, if we look at the report published by The National Academies of Sciences; Engineering, and Medicines, it shows how cannabis can be useful in the treatment of some conditions only. 

This study is basically an analysis of all the cannabis studies conducted in the past. After examining 10,000 studies on cannabis; the authors concluded that cannabis may be a good option for medical conditions like pain due to chemotherapy in cancer patients; insomnia and muscle spasms. The study also goes on to say that after studying all these studies it is safe to say that cannabis is only helpful in the above-stated medical conditions. So far, there are no pieces of evidence suggesting that cannabis can cure diseases such as cancer; epilepsy or certain mental disorders. 

Furthermore, the study also revealed that cannabis usage actually comes with a lot of risks. If you smoke cannabis regularly you are most likely to suffer from lung and heart diseases. So, the products that Americans use to treat certain conditions, are they actually beneficial? If not then what are consumers actually ingesting and why are the products labeled as therapeutic? 

Final Thoughts

From the perspective of patients who receive benefits from medical cannabis; it is hard to say that they wait and do not believe what the product label reads. Yes, the information is not always accurate but people have benefitted and they will get a medical marijuana card in Ontario CA to receive further cannabis care. In fact, people who believe in the power of cannabis will perpetuate its potential until a concrete study comes out. 

For those who seek cannabis; care should make sure that everything is done under medical supervision. You can get a consultation from a cannabis doctor and learn whether or not cannabis fits your health routine. Also, ensure that you do not buy into everything the hype states. In particular, newcomers who hope to find a cure for their medical condition.

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