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Learn What Are Cannabis Topicals And How to Use Them

You must be familiar with the popularity of cannabis these days. More and more people are now choosing cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceutical medications for managing their conditions. Cannabis is known for having various therapeutic and health benefits. This is why 33 states plus D.C. have legalized the use of medical cannabis for state-qualified conditions. You can now get your MMJ card easily from the comfort of your home. Online 420 evaluations in Ontario, CA let you talk to a doctor through a video call. Thanks to the popularity of cannabis, we now have many cannabis products on the market. This allows you to use cannabis through various methods according to your preferences and needs. One such method is using cannabis topicals. So, let’s learn more about them today!

What Are Cannabis Topicals And do They Work?

Cannabis topicals are basically cannabis-infused oils, lotions, patches, creams, salves, and other products like these. Cannabis topicals have changed how people used to consume medical cannabis. You have to apply these products externally on the body surface. These products are infused with cannabis extracts that provide various benefits.

Cannabis topicals can help in dealing with pain, inflammation, tension, muscle soreness, and more. These products can even help people with conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, along with headaches and migraines. You just have to apply them on the surface of your body and it will get absorbed into your skin. Then the cannabis extracts bind to cannabis receptors present throughout your body. These receptors are called CB2 receptors and are a part of the endocannabinoid system. 

Cannabis Topicals Are Different From Other Types of Cannabis

The biggest difference between cannabis topicals and other methods of consuming cannabis is the way cannabinoids are processed. When you smoke cannabis, you inhale cannabis. The blood in the lungs absorbs THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It then moves quickly to the brain, which causes the high. A similar process takes place when you ingest cannabis extract. But when you apply cannabis topicals, you experience the effects locally – on the area where you apply the product. But just like any other cannabis form, the intensity and longevity of its effects depend on various factors. These include your sex, weight, metabolism, and more.

When thinking of purchasing a cannabis topical product, you must go through the label on the product. You should be familiar with the concentration of CBD and THC in your products. Also, not every topical product is created equally. So, it is important to learn about the other ingredients the product contains. This helps you in choosing the right product for yourself according to your requirements.

Let’s learn more about cannabis topicals and how to use them.

Tips For Applying Cannabis Topicals

These products are one of the best ways to reap the benefits of THC and CBD without even consuming cannabis. As I mentioned before, cannabis topicals can provide localized pain relief and many other benefits. The biggest advantage of using these products is that you can get relief without worrying about the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis. While there are a lot of topicals on the market, choosing the right product is up to you. Having said that, let’s look at the best practices to apply cannabis topical of your choice.

Step 1. Figure Out Where to Apply Your Product

This one is pretty obvious. The first thing that you have to understand after purchasing your product is where you want to apply it. Now, what I mean by this statement is that you have to understand where your pain is coming from. Sometimes, you get a headache not from your head, but because of the tension in your neck. A lot of times, we, unknowingly, put too much stress on our bodies. And to deal with this stress and pain, you have to figure out the root or cause of that pain. Learn why you are experiencing the pain in order to subdue it, and in this case, where you have to apply the topical.

Don’t stress out if you can not figure out any specific area for your discomfort. There are some common sore spots where you can apply your product. These spots include your neck, wrists, back of the heel/foot, elbows, knees, and other joints, temples, and shoulders. There is no side effect of cannabis topicals, so you can apply your product without any worries.

Step 2. Clean The Area

Once you have figured out where you have to apply your cannabis topical product, the next step is to clean that area. I don’t have to tell you about the dirt, pollution, and various unseen bacteria and contaminants in the environment. These elements can adhere to your skin. So, it is always advisable to clean yourself before you apply your topical product. You don’t have to take a bath; just clean the area where you have to apply your product. Use a moist washcloth or paper towel to scrub the area. This will remove any unwanted particles from your skin. After this, just dry the applicable area before applying your product.

Step 3. Be Generous And Vigorous

After you have properly cleaned and dried the applicable area, you have to apply a generous amount of your product. You have to take a significant portion to feel the effects. And do not shy away from applying a second or third coat. 

Apply your topical product generously and with every application, vigorously massage it into your skin. You need to rub it firmly, but be sure not to apply too much pressure. Too much pressure can exacerbate your pain and discomfort. Just be firm and again, do not shy away from a second or third coat.

Step 4. Wash Your Hands Well

This is extremely important! Right after applying your topical product, you must wash your hands well. There many cannabis topicals that may include touches of citrus, mint, or capsaicin (pepper). Trust me, you do not want to touch your mouth, butt crack, nostril, or eye, with your hands before washing your hands. It is always better to avoid such situations. Just wash your hands well right after applying your cannabis topical product. 

Step 5. Do Not Expect a Miracle!

You need to keep this thing in mind that cannabis will not do any miracles. While it can be very helpful, do not expect that you will stop feeling the pain caused by a lifetime of arthritis in a minute. Also, your old war wounds will not subside entirely right after applying your topical product. Yes, cannabis topicals can greatly improve your physical symptoms, they can not cure each and every pain you have. These products work in a subtle way and make your pain more bearable. So, set your expectations accordingly.

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